I understand the want of freedom. ~Molly Pitcher

Molly's crew formed at Sundance and we'll be back ... (Brigette ReDavid)

The first positive script review came in from the Blacklist. I was on my way out of my hotel door when I remembered that I hadn't checked my email. I was glad I did because the Sundance review was in. I read sentences like, "This script could find its way towards a powerhouse Hollywood female that would bring the historical character to life" and "McCauley’s transition is also notable due to its depiction of post traumatic stress. His character changes drastically upon his second meeting with Molly, and the marks of war are clear in his personality. His very real struggle creates a bond between their period and the present day, which leaves a lasting impression upon readers."

Needless to say, I was smiling when I closed the door. Later that day, I was sitting in a coffee shop when I overheard a man saying he'd like to find a good place to eat pancakes. We struck up a short conversation, turns out Brian was there as the line producer for Equity - a film at Sundance, and I literally had one block of trudging through the snow to pitch my story to Brian David Cange. You've heard of an elevator pitch? Well, I had a one block snow pitch.

By the end of the block, Brian was on board. He became the line producer for Molly. The next morning, I was eating breakfast when I met Karin Knebl and her daughter Anja, a talented young actress from LA. When I told them about Molly, Karin asked to read the script. She loved it and asked how she could help. I now not only had a line producer but an associate producer, as well. Anja, of course, will take a role in the production. You might see her as Elizabeth.

It so happened Jon Barden and Brandon Scotland were also at Sundance. Brandon and Jon went to Penn State together to study film. Jon had worked on a few features like "The Broken Ones" and Brandon was also working on several projects in New York.

They read the Molly review and we talked about the script, which they both read. It wasn't long before I had a director in Jon Barden. Brandon was on board for everything, production assistant, producer.

Jon also brought in Myron Parran as cinematographer. Myron and Jon worked together on The Broken Ones. Myron has worked on over 45 features, including Pirates of the Caribbean. 

All kinds of people with different skill sets came together at Sundance to work on Molly. We are looking forward to returning to Sundance when the screenplay becomes the film.



Brigette ReDavid  Producer/Writer  *  Jon Barden  Director

Myron Parran  Director of Photography  *  Brian David Cange  Line Producer